Kenny kept seeing Contessa Adriana Tan.  He asked her to move in and she did.  Then she bit him.  Now he’s a vampire.

Kenny becomes a vampire

They later got engaged and then married (there’s a trend lately for marrying in undies). 

Kenny marries

But it was Adriana who instigated it so Kenny is a Collie no more – he’s now Kenny Tan.  Poos.  I’m running out of Collies to carry on the surname now.  Not much hope of Denny marrying (no-one on the horizon) and not sure about Daniel, who’s Dan’s son anyway.  Oh well.

Adriana got pregnant and had a boy – Damien.  But who’s going to look after the baby while they sleep during the day?  (Kenny had to give up his day-job.)  Adriana wants Kenny to be cured of vampirism.  I wonder why.