I thought about curing Kenny of vampirism(?) because it was annoying when friends rang up and he had to ring off because it was during the day and he was burning up. 

Kenny the vampire

It seemed Contessa Adriana had changed her mind about Kenny finding a cure though.  He bought a cure from the gypsy and took a swig but Adriana bit him again.  Luckily Kenny had bought more than one cure.

Kenny changing

Kenny takes another swig.

I caught Adriana just before she was about to bite Kenny again.  She had to go.

I thought I’d taken a photo of the devillish machine but I couldn’t find it.  Anyway, I had Adriana use it in daylight while she was in the red and sure enough she died just afterwards. 

Baby Damien grew into a toddler.  Kenny got himself a job again – back into the slacker career from the beginning.

Meanwhile poor old Marie was still trying to get promoted from Medical Researcher when the Grim Reaper caught up with her – in the bathroom (as you’d expect).

Marie dies

She was 79 – not a bad age – the oldest Sim for some time.

Kenny and even Damien were pretty sombre about it.

Damien and Kenny

Damien must have been friends with his granny.  He cried quite a bit.

Kenny and Damien in bathroom

Kenny seemed to mourn his mother more than Adriana.

So now there are just the two of them and he’ll need a nanny.