Starting with Penny, Harriett grew into a teen.  She looks rather like her mother at the same age (almost the same pose).


Over at Devon’s the pesky gardener ghost was still around and even went into the fridge.

Garden ghost

I finally tracked down the headstone near a hedge and got rid of it.  One of the family ghosts must have scared her to death.  Victoria is one day away from becoming a teen.

Over at Darlene’s.  Oh dear, she’s pregnant – guess who’s.  Denny’s new wife, Emily, is also pregnant.

At Daniel’s, the twin babies grew into toddlers.


Dana first above and then Leon below:


Margaret was pregnant again.  She was constantly tired and hungry so didn’t interact much with the toddlers.  It was a bit hard going.  Daniel hired a nanny to help but she was TOTALLY useless.  For example, all three toddlers were very tired and needed to be put to bed, but what does the nanny do?  She brings bottles of milk up to them – even when they’re asleep on the floor and there’s already an un-drunk bottle there!!!

Stupid nanny

Idiot!  Then she proceeds to stand in the nursery and wee on the floor.

Pissy nanny

Then off she went to the shower but she didn’t clean up her mess or put any of the kids to bed.  Fucking useless bitch.  I think Daniel and Margaret finally put them to bed although just after putting one in the cot he took it out again, the pillock. 


I think the picture above is Daniel still waiting for Leon to turn into a toddler.  I should’ve got the cake out but Dana didn’t need it.

Babies crying

Chaos.  Thankfully Helena grew into a child.


But then child number four was born – a girl – Shana.


Two more kids to come… Sigh.