Helen was having a mixed day.  The repo man came round because she’d forgotten to pay her bills.

Repo man

He’s an evil bastard.  Anyway he took a few items but what the heck, she could afford to replace them.  Helen’s niece, Penny, came round for a chat after work.  For some reason they wanted to talk outside in the dark.

Penny and Helen

After Penny left, Helen had a nap on the couch.  But a burglar stole into the house and nicked anything left of value after the repo man had been.  There wasn’t much left.  But she’d got onto the cops and the burglar was caught and some money repaid.  All fine and dandy.  No problem.  She went off to work and returned with a promotion to sous-chef!  Yay!  Now she could afford to replace everything she lost.

Then her day got worse.

Helen's death

The Grim Reaper obviously thought she’d had enough.  No point carrying on y’old bag.  Helen Collie departed the Sim world of Veronaville at the age of 71.  Not bad, considering her fairly miserable life.  There goes the last of Manon and Shannon Collie’s kids.  (Now Daniel has no home to return to after uni.  C’est la vie.)