Dana got her first kiss at uni with Jessie Greaves.

First kiss

However, he didn’t really like her enough, so she flirted heaps with good ol’ Nicholas Baena, one of the ugly wide-mouths.

Leon was having an easy time flirting with Robin Oshfski, whatever her name is.  Proposal was quick and easy.


He didn’t care that she was smelly at the time.  He was lucky to get her.  Having nabbed his woman, he dropped out and moved home.

Dana had to work a bit harder to get Nicholas to agree to marry her.

Proposal 2

Once that was set, she dropped out and moved home as well.  Both Leon and Dana settled in and invited their fiances around.  They had a double wedding in the backyard.

Double wedding

Dana and Nicholas were a fraction ahead of the others so they finished up and watched Leon and Robin.



The rest looked on.

Dana and Nicholas

Nicholas now has a full beard to hide his ugly mouth.  Dana doesn’t have to stay with him – just long enough to have all six siblings married then they can ditch each other.