A few babies have been born.  But first, some birthdays.

Kenny’s daughter, Lyrica Tinker grew to school-age.


So did Harriet’s daughter, Caitlyn.


Harriet’s second daughter, Brianna, became a toddler.


She looks very like her father.  Harriett was pregnant and hoped for a boy for Luc.  They were both a bit stunned to get twins (no cheesecake).  A boy and girl – Brett and Briony.


Luc then remembered that Harriet had twin brothers so yeah the possibility was there.  They weren’t exactly welcome as Harriett had had enough problems with just two kids.  Now at least one was at school but three under school age was going to make her even more exhausted.

Similar events were happening across the road at Harriet’s friend, Monique’s place.  Two birthdays:


Eldest boy, Jean, grew to school age, and the baby, Jacques, grew to toddlerhood.


Monique had also been pregnant and hoped for a girl.  No twins, but she gave birth to another boy – Gerard.

At Damien’s, Marla (ex-wife of Alex) gave birth to a daughter – Demonica.  I thought I had a pic but can’t find any.  (I’ll need to delete some I think.)