Over at Penny’s…


Twin, Kane sleeping


Richard wide awake (he got his sister’s cot).

The twins grew into toddlers and Harriett’s gone and hidden her homework somewhere.

Heading over to Devon’s – baby Alex grew into a toddler.  Victoria’s got another day before she becomes a child.

Finally, Darlene went out on the town and had her eyes on a hot guy but he was busy eating and drinking and she didn’t get to talk to him.  Instead she chatted up Justin Bradshaw who’s a bit of a slob in his dress and keeps farting.  She wants to make out with three guys and I think she only needs one more.  Denny became a nurse and tried to chat up the pretty Christa Hutchins (who’s a friend of the now elder, Marie Collie).  She wasn’t interested.  Who would be, with that face.