After the shock and upset of Leo, Helen and Ken and Elle, you’d think things would settle down.


First of all, Sharlene’s lover moved in.   

Darlene had moved in with Ben, feeling more loyalty to her father than to her cheating mother.  (She barely interacted with her mother’s illegitimate son.  Denny, on the other hand, seemed to dote on it.)  So Sharlene felt freer about inviting the lover to move in without her daughter making her feel guilty.  The boy, Hogan, grew into a child just after his father moved in. 






The lover’s name is Zaitrarrio (I think – totally weird name).  Sharlene doesn’t plan to marry him – he’s so much younger than her – he’s more of a friend to Denny. 



Z and Den dancing

Zaitrarrio(?) before and after I gave him a makeover to make him look older!




One of Z’s aspirations is to marry someone rich.  Sharlene isn’t.


Both Leo and Helen ‘woohooed’ again with their respective lovers.


Leo and Gretchen 

But Helen is now pregnant with Dan’s child.  Oh dear.  Will his wife find out?  Leo hasn’t moved out and, instead, has tried talking to Helen.



Steven invited them over to try and counsel them but Helen didn’t hang around.  Even young Kenny tried to influence them to talk or hug but Helen just left.


Leo and Helen 


Will Leo stay with Helen or leave?


Mellon reached the age of 66 and died just as she was about to call Ben. 

Mellon dies



Remington and the girls were very upset.  Ben and the girls received an inheritance, as did a couple of Mellon’s ex-lovers.   Remington now wants to marry again and he has a bit of time left – but there aren’t too many available women his age around.  He visited the local art museum hoping to find someone there, but it was all young ones.  It just wouldn’t be right having a girlfriend his daughter’s age.


Penny grew into an adult a couple of days after her mother’s death.  She now wants to move out.