Celebrity chef, Penny Danaher, wife of business tycoon, Edward Danaher, died last night age 68. “It was her last day of work before retiring” Edward said. “She had just got home from work and collapsed on the footpath outside the house”.

Penny's death 

Edward and the family are devastated.

Edward looney

Richard dancing

Penny was the eldest daughter of Mellon Collie and Remington Landchild. 

Baby Penny 

She initially had a difficult childhood


but was loved by the family.  

Penny teen 

Penny had wanted to study at university but family circumstances prevented it and it was with some sadness that she continued to live in the family home.

Penny adult

Edward Danaher swept her off her feet and the couple moved into the present home where they married.


Their first child, Harriett, was born soon after, followed by twins, Richard and Kane.


Penny and Richard

Richard Danaher, now a Congressman, attended Academie le Tour and now resides at the family home with his father. He owns a grocery store in Bluewater Village where his brother, Kane, resides.

Penny started her career in restaurants shortly after the birth of the children and initially worked with her aunt Helen Collie, seen here.

Penny and Helen 

As an award-winning chef, Penny soon cooked her way to celebrity status.


She will be missed by many fans of her TV show.

Edward Danaher is now considering retiring from the world of business and plans to start a vegetable garden near the fruit trees that Penny had recently planted. Penny is survived by her husband, three adult children and sister, Devon Lillard, who was too distressed to comment.