Where to start?

Well, Lithia grew to toddlerhood.


She looks more like her mum, dammit.

Pierre continued to be a frequent visitor for Roxie.  He had the brilliant idea in his senile old age, that he’d like a more normal looking child.  His wife, Eva, had pixie tendencies which their children inherited (long upturned nose and pointy ears).  So he got Roxie pregnant.

Well you can see where this is going considering Roxie’s past history as a parent…

The pregnancy was fine – no sickness or starvation or tiredness, but the unexpected happened.


Twins!  Considering Pierre was a twin it shouldn’t have been such a surprise, but it was.  A boy and a girl – Antoine and Antoinette.  Oh shit.  The house had to be built on to accommodate three cots and some toys for Lithia.

Pierre helped out when he could when visiting,

Feeding twins

but it was a bit of a nightmare.  Roxie did her best but wasn’t too pleased that three kids were taking up all their time (with no time to invite gentlemen friends for some nookie).

While chaos was going on downstairs, a tragedy occurred upstairs.

Adrian Lewis

Adrian Lewis had been visiting and having a soak in the tub but he got too close when it suddenly caught fire.  The firemen were called but it was too late for Adrian, who I couldn’t control.  One-time boyfriend of Penny Collie, and husband of Mehrissa Landgraab IV, was dead and gone.

Lithia thankfully grew to school age.


The babies made it toddlerhood.





Pierre visited again, oblivious to the chaos.

Pierre visits

While the women tried to get some much-needed sleep, the kids became neglected.

Twins sleeping

The inevitable happened.

Social worker

All the kids were taken away.  Roxie was upset and suggested that Pierre adopt the twins.  Serena didn’t seem concerned about Lithia at all.

Pierre went home and rang up the adoption agency and Antoine was delivered the next morning.  Towards the evening he rang up again to adopt Antoine’s sister.

That evening, alas, the Grim Reaper visited.

Pierre dies


“But I’ve just adopted my twins!!!”  Pierre was 74.  (It wasn’t the platinum event it should have been.  Pierre’s LTW of becoming a professional party guest had been changed when I installed Seasons but it was too late for Pierre to change careers.)  Emma and Eva were naturally upset.

Emma mourns

The next morning Antoinette arrived.

Antoinette arrives

It was left to Eva and Emma to look after the ‘twins’.  (Of course, now Antoine was one day older than Antoinette.)

That night Eva was shocked to see the return of the Grim Reaper (although hers was a platinum event).

Eva dies

Platinum death

She followed Pierre to the grave at the (popular) age of 72.

What a bugger for Emma, now left alone to bring up her toddler siblings – and she a romance Sim who’d just lost one of her 5 lovers (Adrian Lewis).

And what of Lithia?  Time will tell.