Henri, Erina, Stella and Artois had moved in with Henri’s mother Heidi, who missed J-P.  Heidi retired so could look after the kids.

Artois grew into school age and looks very like his father.


Henri became an uncle.  His sister Monique gave birth to a boy.

Baby Jean

She named him after her father and called him Jean.  (Her cousin, Philippe was also named after J-P).

Monique and Greg

Both parents want kids so Monique’s pregnant again.

At Francois’ place, Amelie also moved to university.


She moved into the same dorm as Kane Danaher, who is actually her boyfriend.  I now have 7 at university: Alex Lillard, Damien Tan, Kane and Richard Danaher, Leon and Dana Collie and Amelie Champignon.  (Sigh.)  I’ve planned for the Collies to drop out but that still leaves 5!

At Pierre’s, Emma grew into a teen.


Her brother, Philippe, had moved to uni, dropped out, and is now engaged and living with Gwen Gray(?).  I lost control of Philippe as H took over and had him fall in love with one of her characters when he was a teen still living at home.  


Here he is walking past the house of doom in Bluewater Village (the house for Landgraab rejects).  He now has long hair to cover his pixie ears. 

Pierre is a freelance photographer and I think Eva is president of a company – can’t remember.