Young Francois is quite the lady’s man already. He had already visited Darlene Collie and been in their spa pool with her (before she moved out to live with her father, Ben) and he’d visited Devon Landchild and been in their spa pool with her there. He invited Darlene over and their friendship ‘blossomed’ – he had his very first kiss.

A day later he invited Devon over and enjoyed a spa pool cuddling with her.

Pierre, meanwhile, has a friendship with a local teen but there are no sparks.

Raoul became an elder and he looks pretty good.

Raoul before.

Raoul after.

Jean-Philippe and pregnant Heidi visited and had dinner with the family.

I wonder what’s going on here…

JP is smiling at Katelyn…

Hmm, interesting.

A couple of days later Katelyn became an elder.

Some time after that Raoul became a grandfather.

Jean-Philippe and Heidi had a son, Henri.