I might have to split up the Collie family category – at least Penny and Devon who are now Danaher and Lillard…

Penny had had a daughter, Harriett.  It was several tries before she got pregnant again.  Edward was hoping for a boy.  Well she got twins!  (And I didn’t use the dessert cheat.)  She got two boys in fact.  Should keep Edward happy.  They’re called Richard and Kane.  Kane’s a stupid name but I was sitting there unprepared and couldn’t think of a suitable name.  In desperation I entered one that didn’t seem totally ridiculous.  Lesson to self – always have several names prepared. I’d only had one boy’s and one girl’s.  Richard, the oldest by a few seconds, is darker skinned like his father.  Kane is lighter like his mother.  Penny found it tough looking after 3 demanding kiddies during the day.

Babies on floor

Luckily a day after the boys were born Harriett grew into a child. 


Over at Devon’s Victor was still pretty happy at having a granddaughter and he was still platinum when he died aged 67.  I nearly missed it.  He had Hawaiian dancers and I wondered why before I realised he was platinum still.  

Victor's death

I just caught it as Victor faded into a ghost. 

So Victor was dead and Devon and Jeremy tried for another baby.  Devon got pregnant first try.  The pregnancy didn’t go well though and she was starving – thanks to waiting for Victoria to hurry up and turn into a toddler – she wouldn’t eat or sleep until the little brat had changed. 


Here’s Victoria the toddler.

Victoria standing

She stands a lot but isn’t walking yet.

The Grim Reaper arrived for Devon just as she was about to finally eat dinner and she fell to the dining room floor and curled up.  Luckily Jeremy was there and he sobbed and pleaded for his wife (and baby)’s life.  He had visions of having to find another wife to get a son and it was all too much when his heavily pregnant wife was just there on the floor before him.  The Grim Reaper reluctantly let Jeremy have his way and Devon was alive again. 

Devon's resurrection

She gave birth a day or so later to a boy – Alex.