Henri’s wife, Erina, had supposedly become pregnant.  She certainly thinks she is and the option to try for baby has gone.  But she’s not growing any bigger.  When it’s time to go to work she says someone as pregnant as she is shouldn’t go to work, but she’s now being threatened with being fired if she doesn’t turn up.  A glitch, no doubt.  It’s weird though as she’s convinced she’s having one.  She’s nearing elderhood so it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.  Henri didn’t particularly want another baby.  Stella is now at university and Artois is now a teenager.


So Erina decided to ring up and adopt one.  Henri wasn’t keen on adopting someone else’s sprog, so he had a plan.  He visited Roxie again.  It took three visits before she became pregnant.  Henri knew she wouldn’t look after the kid and he could then adopt his own child.

Roxie had a girl and called it Hollandia.  She fed it enough not to be taken away while a baby but Hollandia then grew to a toddler.


Roxie had a few male visitors while Hollandia was in her cot.  One of them was her own teenage son, Artois.

Artois and Hollandia

If Artois had been older I’m sure she would have invited him to woohoo as he’s not officially her son.

Another of Roxie’s visitors got buried in the bed (another glitch).



He was woohooing while she was frozen.  Only once he’d finished, did Roxie woohoo.


It was all very weird.

Naturally Hollandia got ignored.



So the inevitable happened.  The social worker turned up.

Social worker

She was delivered to Henri’s place the next day.


Erina was there to collect her and immediately play with her.


She still shows no signs of pregnancy.

Meanwhile over at Guillaume’s, Reefer got clever and climbed out of the cot.


He now has a baby brother called Peyote.