I had a bit of time to play the other night.  I was determined to get Pierre sorted.

Well after a lot of flirting and carrying on…

Pierre flirting

Eva finally moved in, but it took a day or two to get Eva to accept a proposal of marriage.  Even when she’d moved in and I tried to get her to propose, Pierre rejected her!

Pierre rejects

They finally ‘woohooed’ and it was after that that Pierre proposed and was accepted Happy

Proposal time

Having achieved that, Pierre didn’t waste any time and married Eva in the kitchen the next day.  Stuff the wedding celebration, time was short, thought Pierre.  Trying to find a suitable date when no-one was working was too much of a hassle.  Perhaps a party later…  Pierre got promoted to convenience store clerk (he’s a high flyer that one).

Meanwhile baby Guillaume, son of Francois, grew to toddlerhood. 

Francois and Guillaume

Over at Jean-Philippe’s house, Monique learned to talk and walk and… climb out of the cot – cheeky minx.

Monique climbs out

Here she is going for a wander looking for her father.

Monique goes wandering

She finds him but he walks past her.

Pool walk

Lucky for her toddlers can’t fall in the pool and drown.

Henri moved to Academie Le Tour.

Monique then grew into a child.

Monique grows up

JP needs more friends before he can get promoted.  He and Heidi will be elders in two days. Sad


Not sure why but he and Raoul are two of my favourites – one of the first families I created.  Soon they’ll be gone. Sad