Firstly, Pierre and Eva had a bit of cuddling, kissing, etc in the spa pool.  But something wasn’t right.

Pierre and Eva

Nope something definitely wrong there.

Spa glitch

Yeah, na, that’s just wrong.  Silly glitches….


I had plans for Raoul – well actually for Eva’s mother, Maddie, who I created especially for Raoul.  First, I wanted to get Eva pregnant.  No trouble at all.  Done.  Then Raoul invited Maddie round and asked her to move in just before he went off to work.  No problem.  Done.  Excellent.  This was all too easy.  Raoul then copied Pierre’s method of proposing – waiting until after a ‘woohoo’.


Maddie accepted.  Excellent.

Unlike Pierre, Raoul wanted a wedding, so he invited his sons and a couple of friends.

Raoul's wedding

Most of the guests seemed to be elsewhere.  Eva was blowing bubbles nearby, Francois and friend were in the apartment out the back, and JP was patting a wolf.

JP and wolf

The wedding party was all very civilised.  They all went inside as it got dark and sat at the table conversing!  The elders show how it’s supposed to be done.

Wedding party

Is that Katya eyeing up her brother-in-law?

Dinner 2

That’s a very touching look Maddie is giving her new husband.

Francois finally made an appearance and played with Raoul.

Pillow fight

I missed the limo for the honeymoon, etc.  Got enough pics of others doing the same thing. 

Raoul is now 70 and has just been promoted to Theorist.  Will he live long enough to achieve another (and final) promotion?


Marriage means sharing your hobbies in your undies.