Yes, the Collies are definitely the more interesting family. 

Zaitrarrio’s aspiration is certainly for money and possessions.  He’d already spent Sharlene’s money on a huge sculpture and expensive car.  But his aspirations go much further.

Zaitrarrio, being that much younger, was naturally a bit tired of old Sharlene, who is now 65.  He invited townie, Demi Love, on a date to P.U.R.E.

Z and Demi

Demi and Z

He wanted to ‘woohoo’ in the car.  So out they went. 

car woohoo

It was a dream date.  Z even proposed to Demi.  She accepted.

Z had the audacity to invite Demi to move in.  This didn’t go down too well with Sharlene as you can imagine.  But Z went too far and flirted with a visiting woman he was friends with.  Demi caught him at it – I didn’t actually see it but was concentrating on feeding the boy.  So Demi and Z were not the best of friends.  This didn’t stop Demi and Sharlene getting into constant fights.

Z waited until his son, Hogan, grew into a teen, and moved out with Demi.  They moved into a house just down the road from Ben.

Sharlene had seen the error of her ways and started calling Ben again.  Any animosity he had towards her had long since gone.

Ben and Sharlene at Ben's place

Ben even tried proposing to her but she wasn’t in the best of moods and rejected him.

He tried again later.

Ben and Sharlene at Sharlene's

This time Sharlene accepted and Ben moved back home, leaving Darlene, now an adult, to herself.  They re-married there and then without any ceremony.

Over at Ken and Elle’s old house, where Adrian Sanders was a new resident, I decided to get rid of him since he didn’t really interest me.  But I wanted to save the cat, so I had him adopt the cat out and sell all the furniture.  I then starved him to death, evil Sim god that I am.

Adrian's death

Death on the toilet

Death even went to the toilet before leaving.  The Sims creators certainly have a sense of humour.