Remington found an older woman and made friends with her but there were just no sparks. He tried hitting on another older woman, Sophie. This relationship went much better. Remington was still keen on getting re-married, so he charmed and wooed her until she eventually agreed to marry him.

Remington and Sophie

Rem and Sophie in bed

They married at the wedding arch in the backyard, where he’d married Mellon.

Rem wedding

The girls have had no interraction with her at all so far.

Penny was now an adult but her life had been boyfriend-free up to now.


Devon had kissed and cuddled Francois Champignon and seemed to have no shortage of potential boyfriends. She went to the P.U.R.E nightclub and got to know more people. Penny figured it couldn’t hurt going there as well.


She worked part of the night as DJ and earned some cash and also got talking to a couple of men. Nothing was happening but she spied a hot blond guy just before she left, badly needing sleep. She quickly said hello so she could phone him later to get to know him.

Helen’s child by Dan, grew into a toddler just before she grew into an elder. The boy’s name is Daniel (surprise, surprise). Meanwhile Gretchen got pregnant to Leo. He wanted the child to be legitimate which meant he had to divorce Helen. So he invited Helen over and she was glad to see him. But then he dropped the bombshell.


She tried to plead with him but he was adamant.


She went away sobbing and Leo proposed to Gretchen who said yes and they married straight away.

An interesting thing happened at P.U.R.E while Penny was there. Victor Lillard was there also and hugged a woman friend of his. His wife’s niece, Sonique, happened to see him and poked him angrily. He didn’t like that and waited behind her for a chance to attack or abuse her, slamming his fist into his hand.


Naughty Victor. What is up with him? Mariane better watch out. She’s now an elder – perhaps grey hair is a turn-off for him.