While at uni, Kane had fallen in love with a new student called Siobhan O’Donnell.

Kane and Siobhan

He tried proposing to her.

Rejected proposal

But she was having none of that.  Just as well, because it seemed he was afraid of marriage anyway.  Kane hadn’t decided on a major and I couldn’t be bothered putting him through uni, so he dropped out and moved to a place in Bluewater Village.  Siobhan dropped out as well and moved in with him.  They probably won’t get married as they seem to want multiple lovers.

Twin brother, Richard, meanwhile, had finished his Economics degree and moved back home.  There was probably a sigh of relief from other students cos he was a right bastard and kept picking on one student in particular. He had few friends.  He wants to own 5 top level businesses but to start with he got a job in the political career as a campaign manager.  He’s ambitious like his dad.  Will he be a rival to Malcolm Landgraab?  More about Malcolm at the Landgraab blog.