More on the ”whorehouse”.  Serena was Roxie’s new flatmate and rival.


She was more to Damien’s liking than the tarty Roxie.

Damien and Roxie

While the pregnant Serene was at the front pashing Damien, Roxie was round the back of the house

Pierre and Roxie

getting it on with Pierre.

Any man is fair game to Roxie, even her own son, Artois.

Roxie and Artois

Of course, because he was adopted by his father, Henri, there’s no trace of a family link.  It’s still rather disturbing though.

Roxie and son

She’s quite capable of getting pregnant by her own son and his offspring would be his sibling.  Ugh, shudder.  Let’s not go there.

Serena had the baby – another girl for Damien.  He dropped by to see her.

Damien and daughter

Her name is Lithia.

Damien and Lithia

I wonder if she’ll look anything like her father (Damien’s other two daughters don’t).

Pierre was still not impressed with Serena’s apparent betrayal and slapped her.

Pierre slapping

What an arsehole.