When Eva’s son, Philippe, grew into a toddler, it was evident he had pixie blood in him.


Eva’s secret was out!  No, I have no idea why he has such ears but Eva covered them with a hat during the day.  And that weird nose…  So she decided to get pregnant again in case Philippe didn’t outgrow his strangeness and another child might be normal.

But Philippe looked ok when he grew up and his hair covered any ear deformities.

Philippe and Eva

You can see Eva’s attempt to get pregnant was successful.

Pierre and Philippe

(Father and son at dinner.  Philippe now looks normal.)

New baby

The new baby was a girl named Emma.  She seems to be looking towards the departing Raoul.

Raoul is now 80 and finally reached the top of his career.   So now he’s a mad scientist.

Raoul mad scientist

Off to work in a limo.


And now he has a toy to play with in the sleepout (which is now just extra space).

Mad scientist

Meanwhile, over at Francois’, they had to contend with a nanny who never showed up unless you called her and then just spent most of the time swimming in the pool.  They could only dismiss her it seemed, not fire her.  Useless friggin’ nanny.  Guillaume didn’t do his homework in time so the social worker showed up and took him and his baby sister away.  Na-uh – that was in an alternative Sim universe.  I didn’t save and went back and made Guillaume do his friggin’ homework.  They bought a cheap screw-on-the-wall TV to keep Guillaume happy enough so he’d actually do it (before there was no TV).


Katya is in the background with Amelie.

Amelie likes music.

Amelie dancing

Here’s a closer pic of Amelie with Katya.

Amelie and Katya

Francois is looking a bit scrawny.


He’s still a GP.  Katya’s career has been on hold while having kids so she’s not too far up the career ladder either.

Victoria Lillard came home with Guillaume one day.

Guillaume and Victoria

Haven’t seen her for a long time.  It must be time to revisit Devon and Penny.

Pierre invited himself over when everyone but the kids and nanny were out.  But he stuck around to see his brother.

Pierre and Francois

Francois and family have just moved from this house as it wasn’t really big enough for two kids.  Amelie has just grown into a school-age child and Guillaume is now a teen.  I tried to make rooms bigger, etc, but the roofing got stuffed up and I couldn’t get it back to what it was, so the house had to be demolished!  They moved down the road to a Mediterranean style house across from Jean-Philippe’s.

Here’s Guillaume stepping into his own ensuite from his new bedroom.


I forgot to take a pic of Amelie.