Life was still chaotic for Daniel, with complaining kids, and toddlers and babies who needed food and nappy changes. 

Kitchen chaos


Leon fights with his twin, Dana and also the older Helena.  Shana, the toddler, is relatively placid but just doesn’t get enough attention.

Daniel appears to be asking for divine intervention.


He sat like that for ages, then finally came out of his trance and got up.

I never realised there was a size difference between male and female twins?


At last the day came for Shana and the twin babies to grow up.  First Shana:


None of the kids grow up well. 

Here’s a brilliant pic of Shana having a tantrum right next to a screaming baby.

Baby kicking

‘and it’s a goal!

Then the babies grew up, eventually:


Deon above.  The adults just about starve waiting for the friggin babies to change (even with a cake).




Finally a baby that’s not a clone of their grandmother, Helen Collie!!!  At least Margaret got one child that looks reasonably like her!

The next day, Helena grew up.


Not quite as ugly as she was – bit of makeup and she’s marriageable.  Hopefully the rest of the kids will grow into nicer teens but I’m not hoping much.

I plan to marry the kids off as soon as possible to achieve Margaret’s lifetime want.