Helena Collie was at university, trying to get Nicholas Baena to be her boyfriend but ultimately he wasn’t interested, so she shifted her attention to Gerard Zhang.

Gerard and Helena

He liked her enough to accept Helena’s proposal.  Helena dropped out, moved into the green house that Henri used to live in and invited Gerard around.  He moved in and they married.


That’s one down and five siblings to go to achieve Helena’s mother’s LTW.  I won’t get these two to breed – Helena’s genes are a little undesirable.

Her brother and sister, twins Leon and Dana, moved to uni to look for potential marriage partners as well, leaving three school-age kids back at the family home.

Leon at uni

Leon, who also has the eyes-too-close-together gene.

Dana at uni

Dana, who looks better.

At Darlene’s, son Zen grew to school age.


He loves his mum and greets her with a hug and a wave when she comes back from work (Darlene is now an assistant coach).


He plays with his uncle Hogan (who’s also his half-brother).

Playing ball

At Denny’s, Len grew into a rather ugly child.


That damned cheek deformity!  Denny is a GP and is also now an elder.

Denny the elder

At Penny’s, the twins left for uni as well.


Kane moved into one dorm (the dorm that Helena was in – that’s Nicholas Baena behind him) and Richard moved into a different one (cos they hate each other).


Richard’s watching Damien Tan who’s in his dorm as well.

Harriett gave birth to a girl and called her Caitlyn.

Harriett and daughter

At Devon’s, Jeremy was promoted to Medical Chief of Staff.

Update on Victoria next.