It was time to catch up with Penny.  She and Edward were having a hard time going to work, trying to increase skills and look after demanding kids.  I don’t know how Others did it bringing up 6 toddlers at once.

Here are the twin boys expecting attention:


This is Richard just after his birthday.  Harriett is wanting cake.


Here he is waiting for a nappy change.

Richard waiting

This is Kane just after his birthday:


The nanny is useless as always.


Kane found his way outside to play with the wolves.

Kane with wolf

Meanwhile Harriett was close to being taken away because I couldn’t see where she’d put her homework.  Eventually I found her putting it on the footpath on the very edge of the property!  I was looking within the fenceline not outside it!  Stupid bitch.  Anyway, got her finishing her homework in time so she wasn’t taken away.  But she was bored even watching TV.

mother and daughter

Penny meanwhile had a play with her career reward – a chocolate/candy maker.

Candy machine

Finally it was time for the boys to grow up.



who desperately needed a shower; and Richard:


Neither of the parents had time to teach the boys enough walking and talking so they grew up badly.

Harriett still has a few days before she’s a teenager.  Here they all are (except Penny at work) having some sorta sloshy meal.