Over to Mariane’s house.  She had a son, Jeremy, as you know.  So let’s look at some family pics.

Victor and Jeremy

Victor and toddler son, Jeremy.

Jeremy walking

Jeremy learned to walk and talk and was potty trained.

So as a bright kid, he went to private school.

Jeremy goes to school

Family meal

The family having dinner.

Greeting Victor

Jeremy welcomes Victor home.

Party time

Party time for Jeremy’s birthday.  He grew up in his bedroom before anyone got any cake.  These three are Leo Bachman, Mariane and Raoul Champignon.


Dinner time again.

Jeremy teen

Jeremy now a teen.  He reminds me of some Disney prince with the long chin and haircut.

And here’s the bridge and pond which I ended up doing at the Lillard house instead of the Huntingdon’s.

Lillard garden