So to the cousins of Penny and Devon.

Nothing happening with Darlene – she doesn’t want to get married or have kids.  She’s a rookie in her sports career.  Denny is an intern and has started dating the local cop, Emily Pons – more cops in the family (his parents were cops, Hogan’s dad was a cop and his uncle Ken was a cop too).  Emily caught a robber at the house who stole Darlene’s exercise machine.

Over at Kenny’s place, Damien grew into a school-age kid:


I think he has green eyes.  Kenny’s had problems with the nanny too – not turning up, so he missed a day of work.

Then over to Daniel’s where he had an invisible baby sling:


Look, no hands!”

Helena grew into a toddler:


Oh dear.  She looks just like her grandmother unfortunately.  Margaret got pregnant again as you can see.

She had twins in the kitchen:


A boy and girl – Leon and Dana.

Margaret wants to marry off 6 kids so there’ll be more babies…