I sent the twins off to university where they met Katya (still languishing there after being in the same dorm as Dan and Hiroshi – she is finally in her senior year).  Francois is definitely the best looking of all the offspring in the game.


His brother, Pierre, is like his mother – always checking out a mirror.


This dorm has lost its cook so the twins and Katya have to cook for themselves and, when the stocks run low, get groceries delivered!  Seems rather unfair but I don’t know how to get a cook back.

Francois is studying physics and has dutifully done his term paper and assignments and gone on to Sophomore, despite the attractions of fellow female dormies.

Francois studying

The lazier Pierre, as you’d expect, went for the easy option and took Drama.

Devon Landchild is now a bit young for Francois but he visited Devon’s cousin, Darlene.

Darlene and Francois

He has a penchant for redheads.  Katya was an obvious target.

Katya dances with Francois

Latest news – despite the difference in age (Katya about to finish uni and Francois only just started), Francois was so enamoured of Katya that he’s proposed.  She accepted.  Will Francois be happy with one woman or will he cheat on her?  Will Raoul congratulate Francois or think he’s a fool?