I’ve been around all the families in Veronaville updating them all (except for Philippe Champignon who I haven’t played for some time).  I tend to play them one Sim day at a time until I decide to focus on one.  Which family to start with?

Well to begin with, Artois, Reefer and Zen graduated from university.

Artois' graduation

Artois above (with Serena DeMarr who he fancies).  He looks more like his grandfather.  Reefer below:


Artois at first moved into Roxie’s place (until someone told him she’s his mother) and he quickly moved out and into Reefer’s little bachelor pad next to Jan’s place.

Meanwhile, Reefer’s bro grew to a teenager:


At Emma’s, the twins grew to school age. 


Antoine above and Antoinette below:


Emma continues to lust after others – regardless of gender.


She now has 5 lovers but of course wants 10.

At Artois’ dad Henri’s place, his little sister, Hollandia, finally made it to teenhood after getting perilously close to failing at school and a visit from the social worker.


She looks like her auntie Monique.