Robin moved in and made some changes to the property.  She had the high maintenance flower garden at the front of the house replaced by rose bushes and sculptures.  She had some hedges replaced by maintenance-free conifers.  She redecorated the children’s room and made some changes to the kitchen with the recently constructed door to a new patio moved.

Amelie turned up without warning and fed her son.  She stared at Robin who studiously ignored her.

Amelie visit

Alex found her in the house and asked her to leave before he invited wedding guests for his (third) wedding party.  His father, Jeremy, had made all the friends, so Alex had few to choose from.  Pierre and Philippe Champignon came, as well as Robin’s ex-inlaws, Daniel and Margaret Collie, and finally Alex’s sister, Victoria.  It was an autumn wedding.

Wedding 1

Wedding 2

Wedding 3

Robin actually used the garden bridge to get to the kitchen.


Some of the wedding guests at the cutting of the wedding cake.

Wedding guests

Mikhail grew to a toddler just after the wedding.


He looks like his mother.  Alexis, now school age, must have wondered what it would all mean.


Robin missed out on the honeymoon because the kids would have been left alone.  However, she made up for it when Alex got back and promptly got pregnant.