Helen and Leo were the perfect couple one thought.  But it seems Leo was quite friendly with a blonde by the name of Gretchen Stompel.  She visited one day and he went a little too far with the flirting.  Next thing they’re in bed together and having it off.  Then through the window I spied a car arriving.  Oh no, Helen had returned from work.  She came upstairs and caught them just getting out of bed.  She was not pleased! 

Leo and Gretchen

As if in revenge, she went on a date with the object of her university-days lust – Dan the philosophy man, recently wed.  They met at the maze and had their photos taken but also “woohooed” inside the booth, egged on by those outside.  Tsk tsk.  Once back home, Helen hung the photo up for Leo to see.

Photo booth

Not to be outdone, Leo did the same thing, inviting Gretchen on a date to the same place.  Romantic photos of the cheating couples now hang side by side.  Oh dear.  Will they stay together?


Tragedy struck Ken and Elle.  A robber stole their spa pool and telescope and they were fuming.  It affected them so much they couldn’t concentrate.  So, when Ken was trying to cook dinner while Elle was at work, the kitchen caught fire.  She returned home to find him struggling to put the fire out himself.  There was no alarm and he was panicking too much to call the fire brigade.  Tragically, both got too close to the flames and died, leaving the cat, Toulouse, alone in the house.  The fire went out so the cat was safe but would have starved to death if not for the new owner of the house – Adrian Sanders, the gay roomie of Hiroshi and Katya.  As usual, I was too caught up in the action to take photos.  I’m still in shock!



Steven Collie, meanwhile, has grown into an elder and his son, Kenny is now a child.