Part 1 – Kane

Amelie was angry at Kane for actually sleeping with his wife(!), but they eventually made up.  They had a lame date at the Love Maze but then Kane invited Amelie home (while his wife and kids were home) and actually asked Amelie on a date then and there.  Kane’s daughter, Mairead, witnessed it.


Kane sent her off to play but she came back.


Mairead was not happy with her father.  Siobhan was in bed at this point – she was tired after just having given birth to a baby boy (Seamus) the day before.  But she woke up,

Tub fun

and came running out when she realised what was happening in the spa pool.  She wasn’t too impressed either.


After a good slapping, Siobhan attended to the children and Amelie left.

The next day Siobhan made a decision.

Marching orders

Kane was given his marching orders.  (Lightning struck just as I took the pic – which is why it’s so bright.)  Mairead was still upset that her father left, even though she’d been angry with him.

Mairead crying 

Kane left and moved into a tiny square house by the sea in Bluewater.

Part 2 – Amelie

Alex was cuddling his baby son when he looked out the window and saw Amelie and Kane canoodling at the front gate and ran out.


Kane, at least, was happy.  Alex and Amelie fought.


The whole time the baby was on the ground crying with dirty nappies.  However, Alex took no time at all to make his decision.  It was all the evidence he needed to get rid of a cheating wife.

Marching orders 2

Amelie sobbed pitifully and left.  She moved in with Kane in the little hovel by the sea.

Alex is now free to get to know Robin better.