I find getting students through uni a bit of a pain really.  They never seem to meet the Greek house people or whoever else makes things more interesting.  I just try to get them through as fast as possible and it’s a good place to meet potential partners.

Pierre and Francois Champignon are still there – in their second semester of Junior year.  Francois’ fiancee, Katya Borsch, has finished and moved in to a house in Veronaville.  She has a job as an algae collector, although her aspiration is to be a criminal mastermind.  Francois missed her for a couple of days but was soon in the sack with local, Robin.

Francois and Robin

Hogan Collins (Sharlene’s bastard child) failed uni (philosophy) and is in limbo back at Veronaville. 


Hogan got into fights with Erik Fairchild a lot.  No girlfriends as such.

Jeremy Lillard has just started uni and is studying mathematics.