At Denny’s, Emily gave birth to a girl which they called Denim.  She quickly grew to toddlerhood.  And she looks normal.  None of the cheek deformity of Len.


At Darlene’s, Zen grew into a teenager.


His uncle (and half-brother) Hogan got promoted to Senator. He celebrated by inviting girlfriend, Krystal Kosmikos? over.  

That same night the Grim Reaper came for Darlene just after she’d turned 66.

Death for Darlene 

Oops, gone already.

Hogan and Zen cried and Krystal was also there to witness the event.

Darlene is the first of the second generation Collies to die.  As a tribute let’s have a look back at her life:  [Queue violin music.]

Baby Darlene 

Baby Darlene with mother, Sharlene.

Darlene and Ben

Toddler Darlene with father, Ben.

Darlene and Penny

Darlene with cousin, Penny.

Darlene and Francois

Teenage Darlene with Francois Champignon.

Darlene and Francois

Adult Darlene with Francois.

Darlene with mother

Darlene with mother, Sharlene.

Darlene with Zen

Elder Darlene with son, Zen.

The day after Darlene’s death Hogan invited Krystal over again and asked her to move in. She did.

Krystal and Hogan 

Only then did he discover that Krystal was mayor! (She certainly didn’t look like one.)  She wasn’t prepared to live in such a tiny house so they all moved out and into a vacant house opposite the Lillard residence.

New house 

Even this house wasn’t really appropriate for a senator and mayor but there were no nicer houses available. There’s also no room for a car!  They plan to build.

Neighbours visited after they moved in.  One of their visitors was Philippe Champignon.  His nose became rather prominent when he grew to adulthood.

Zen and Philippe

His pixie ears are covered by the long hair.