Remington died at 72.  I missed it entirely, having the Sims on fastforward at the time.  First thing I knew his picture had disappeared, so by the time I stopped the fast forward he was gone.  Beware of bathrooms – deadly places.  The Grim Reaper just loves to take you when you’re in the bathroom (as Remington was).

Naturally Sophie and the girls were upset.  Sophie moved out and Penny’s new boyfriend, Adrian Lewis moved in.  He has the default townie feature of a large wide mouth, unfortunately, but he’s the only Sim she’s shown any liking for.  But he’s already too friendly with a visiting friend.

Adrian and friend

Actually I’m not sure of Devon’s feelings for her father.  I caught her kicking the headstone in the back yard.  She also loves kicking over the trash can at the front of the house, the little bitch.  So I make her clean it up every time.  I’ve taken a dislike to her.  She’s definitely not getting another look in with Francois.  She’s now an adult and wants to move out – but to where?

Steven’s wife, Marie, has finally become an elder.  Steven is now about 65 and she’s only 54.  Son, Kenny, is now a teen.  Steven wants him to go to college, but Kenny wants to slack around.

Denny moved out of home and moved in with Darlene.  Darlene’s a prep-cook but wants to be the top in the athletic career.  So she keeps looking for an opening but one never comes.  Denny’s become a medical tech.

Over at Ben and Sharlene’s – Ben finally kicked the bucket at 71 – again in the bathroom. 

Ben death

Sharlene is now alone.  Her illegitimate son, Hogan, is at college and they keep in touch.

Meanwhile, Helen’s bastard offspring, Daniel, has grown to a child and will soon be a teen.  Daniel tried talking to his father when he happened to pass by one day, but Dan didn’t seem too interested.  Not much fatherly devotion from Dan, I’m afraid.

Daniel and Dan