Zen of course graduated and moved back into his uncle-brother’s house.  He’s got a job as a rookie.

At Denny’s old place, his widow, Emily, died age 66.

Emily's death


Denim is still a teenager.  No-one will miss her mother – she was the annoying one who poked people for looking through the telescope (nowhere near her house).  Denim might have to get a job…

At Dana’s, Jessie Greaves moved back in with his (still) wife and son.  (can’t find the pic)

At Deon’s, Fukita grew to school age.

Larissa Landgraab moved in with Kane and they got married.

Kane marries

Kane’s ex-wife, Siobhan, also married but had a proper wedding.

Siobhan and Gilbert

Alex was there as a fellow victim of betrayal.

Over at Damien’s mistress’ place, Serena was pregnant.

Serena and Lithia

Lithia grew to a teenager.


At Alex’s place (his grandmother was a Collie after all) the headmaster approved of the house (with a score of 136/90) and Alexis and Mikhail now go to private school.


Actually the Collie name is in danger of dying out.  The current Collie surname-bearers have actually got their name through females (Deon from his father, Daniel, who got his from his mother; Zen from his mother, Darlene; and Damien actually has the surname Tan, a name his father took from his vampire wife).