Entering Victoria and Guillaume’s house, I found the wedding still going.  At first unaware this was the case I got Guillaume and Victoria to woohoo, not realising that Guillaume had just put something into the oven.  The guests gathered around the resulting fire, but thankfully none of them got too close.  The wedding party ended and they left.  Vic and G woke up in time to run to the limo for the honeymoon.  Meanwhile, the fire raged.  They came back to the fire, but instead of calling for the fire brigade, Guillaume got too close.

Guillaume in the fire

Victoria wasn’t much help – she stood and panicked.  It was Ken and Elle Collie all over again (the same house – it must be cursed).  I finally got Victoria to call the fire brigade and the fire was big enough to need two firemen.

Two firemen

Not very active are they?  Victoria’s still panicking but Guillaume seems to be out of danger.


Finally it was out and they were safe.  Victoria’s mother, Devon, remembered that the same thing had happened when her long deceased uncle had lived there and that a subsequent owner of the house had also died there so she advised they move out – pronto.

They moved to a house I’d built earlier but which had stood empty.  It is near Darlene’s place.

Moving day

They were both glad to be alive.

Victoria was pregnant and gave birth to a boy.


His name’s Reefer.

Update on other Champignons next.