Alex and Amelie finally married.  It was a private family affair.  Alex didn’t want any guests who’d possibly object to his decision this time.

Alex and Amelie

Amelie and Alex

Not long after this wedding, Denny Collie saw something he wasn’t supposed to while he was downtown.


Amelie and Kane

It was newlywed Amelie but that wasn’t Alex.  It was her old boyfriend Kane Danaher.

Meanwhile over at Kane’s in Bluewater village, he was getting to know old ex dorm-mate, now flatmate, Siobhan O’Donnell, better.

Making out

Siobhan was in love and proposed to him.


He accepted because he was very attracted to her and maybe thought circumstances might change before the wedding.  Siobhan arranged the wedding party and they married on the balcony.

Kane's wedding

It was then realisation hit at what he’d actually done.

Kane not so happy

The guests included some family, but as it was shortly after Penny’s death, naturally Kane’s mother wasn’t there.  This was mentioned by Amelie and Alex seemed a bit miffed at her tactlessness.

Wedding guests

Neighbours, Mehrissa and Adrian Lewis were there.  Just opposite is Sophie Landchild’s gift shop.  (Sophie had been married to Kane’s grandfather).

Siobhan is now pregnant so Kane might be going on dates more often.  A woman came home with Kane after work one day and just sat down and made herself at home while Siobhan was quietly reading.  She had no idea who it was.  (It was Jan Govan who is also in the adventure career.)