I haven’t played Veronaville much lately.  When I do play I tend to play all families in the neighbourhood to keep the ages right (except for Philippe Champignon – he’s fallen by the wayside).  I won’t be blogging about many of the families anymore – there are too many and they’re not particularly exciting.  It’s funny how you have favourite Sims and others you can’t be bothered about.  It’s probably easier if I kill those ones off.

My next updates (when I can find some pics – I also need to cull a lot of pics in the folder so I can actually find some) will focus on the Lillard family and Damien Tan.

If I can’t find relevant pics I might just post a couple of “stories” I wrote about Alex Lillard and Damien Tan.  (When I can’t get to the computer to play The Sims I can still think about them and plan a storyline.)