I currently have 5 Sims at Academie le Tour with another two in the bin (the younger siblings!) so I’d better get to and play them or make them drop out.  I did have 6.  I made one drop out already.  I can’t even recall who it was – she wasn’t particularly attractive.

Of the five left, in one dorm there is Caitlyn Langerak (Harriett’s eldest),

her ‘cousin’ Jean Langerak (Monique’s eldest),

(he takes after his grandfather, JP, but with a longer face),

and Demonica Tan (Damien’s legitimate daughter).

In the other dorm there is Peyote Champignon (younger bro of Reefer)

and Lithia Tan (Damien’s illegitimate daughter).

These two got on very well.

First kiss

First kiss

They completed their Freshman year and Peyote was in love.

Lithia accepted, although neither of them have told their families.   They debated whether they should continue at university or elope.

We could find work

"We could find work"

Lithia wasn’t so sure.  She could see a life of housewifery and babies ahead of her.  Her mother was still pregnant with her father’s 6th child and had never had a job.

Peyote’s bro, Reefer, is currently flatting with cousin, Artois.  Artois seems to know all the married women while there’s no real romance on the horizon for Reefer.  He’s desperately looking for a job in law while Artois has a job in the gaming career, I think.

Meanwhile, Reefer and Peyote’s parents grew to elders.



Francois’ son and grandsons seem to be his clones.