Eventually Damien made his decision – it was helped by Serena’s fourth pregnancy.

He confessed everything to Marla, then left sadly.

At first it just seemed like he’d swapped a daughter and wife.

At breakfast

At breakfast

But he could no longer work towards promotion, as Amphyra became a toddler and took up much of his spare time. 

Damien acquired some elixir and he and Serena took some before it was too late.

Marla, meanwhile, got depressed.

It had been difficult telling her daughters what had happened.  She confided in Alex who was angry but could do nothing.  Alexis was giving him trouble, being rude to everyone.  He wondered how she’d be as a teenager (which she’s just become).

Teenage Alexis

Teenage Alexis

Alex was grateful that, as she’d grown, Alexis looked more like a Lillard than her mother, Amelie.  But would her temper tantrums cease?

Serena’s day of giving birth came and Damien was resigned to having a sixth daughter, but to everyone’s surprise it was a boy.  They called him Luka.

Damien hired a nanny while Serena caught up on much needed sleep and headed downtown to find a vampire.  Stage two of his plans were beginning.  He also wants to move house, leaving the family home to Lithia but has to wait until she’s finished university.