Alex’s problems with Alexis didn’t cease with her becoming a teen.  He’d hoped she’d grown out of being rude, that she would get used to Robin and be nicer to Elizabeth.  But Alexis continued to fight and be rude to Robin.  As a kid she’d tease Elizabeth.

As a teen, she did much worse.  She took Elizabeth outside in the very early morning when everyone was asleep and left her there.

(Alexis is in the distance, having taken the rubbish out and ignoring the tired and dirty toddler.)

Robin found Elizabeth there and was not impressed.

Another time, Alexis put a hungry Elizabeth in the highchair and walked away.

Alex found her that time.

The last straw was Alexis setting fire to the kitchen, running outside with Elizabeth and leaving her there.  Her excuse was that she was taking Elizabeth out of danger but the fireman had already put the fire out.

Alexis also wasn’t doing her homework and might be refused entry to university.  She had no mother or grandparents to go to and Alex had contemplated sending her to Victoria and Guillaume’s place.  Mikhail was caught in the middle and got forgotten.  He too hadn’t done his homework and he and Elizabeth were in danger of being taken away. 

Alexis had to go, but not before she helped Mikhail catch up on homework.  She managed to get accepted to Academie le Tour even with her D, so off she went (and not a moment too soon for Robin).