I have too many Sims – at least, several that bore me and I can’t be bothered playing.  So I killed off Denim Collie, orphaned daughter of Denny and Emily.  I’m considering killing off Adriana Lewis (also a teenage orphan) after the death of her mother, Mehrissa (first wife of Malcolm Landgraab IV).  Mehrissa had had a word with her new son-in-law before she died but sadly she didn’t live long enough to see her grandchild (Larissa is about to give birth.)

You look after my daughter!

"You look after my daughter!"

Sadly, the whole household in the former residence of Daniel Collie perished as the fridge mysteriously disappeared and the front and back doors were locked.  So Dana and Jess Greaves and their teenage son, Jessie, all starved to death.  So tragic.

Meanwhile, Reefer Champignon finally found a job in law so he’s happy.  Artois, his flatmate, had a group of married women to choose from to share his bed.  Eventually Angel Collie (beleagured wife to Deon Collie and mother to his three ugly kids, one deceased) visited and decided to stay. 

She’d had enough of children and wanted her life back.  She invited Deon over only to break up.  Naturally he was upset. 

His sister, Margareta, was appalled that Angel could abandon her young children (scandalous!), but Angel had never been happy in that house.  I took pity on her and gave her a dose of elixir to give her a second chance at happiness.  I’m not sure she’s the right person for Artois though.  She certainly doesn’t want anymore kids.  (He does have a son by his own mother, Roxie Sharpe, but Roxie has changed her image and married a local weirdo in the corner of town, so he’s unlikely to see his weirdly-named son again.)

Reefer’s younger brother, Peyote, is now in his final year at university.  He and Lithia have been joined in their flat by Jacques Langerak and Brianna Langerak (younger brother and sister of Jean and Caitlyn in the dorm).  They’re now friendly enough to not only share a bedroom but to share a bed (no they’re not brother and sister – just happen to have the same surname).