Peyote held a house party in their flat.  He invited his own family and Lithia’s, but only Lithia’s mother turned up.  She and Guillaume seemed to get on well.

Water fight

Water fight

The rest of them just got high on bubbles.

Not enough for everyone

Not enough for everyone

Guillaume looks, bemused, at his niece.  Alexis will be starting uni.  Her aunt, Victoria, had a chat with her.

Something happened in the relationship between Peyote and Lithia.  I heard the sound of cheating and Peyote was angry with Lithia but I hadn’t seen who was the third party. 

It didn’t appear to have been Brianna.  I suspect the annoying cow mascot who nobody likes.  Lithia must have just admired the person?  Who knows.

I got their relationship back to being able to share a bed in the final semester just before the final exam but it happened again (I saw nobody!) or maybe they just had an argument because this time Lithia was angry with Peyote.  Peyote held a graduation party and some of his family turned up.  The party was a disaster.  Peyote moved out and Lithia soon followed.

Lithia got home to see the new baby, Luka, had grown to a toddler.  She taught him a nursery rhyme before the family moved out and into the empty Summerdream residence (which needed a LOT of re-designing to make it a half-decent house.  I still haven’t finished.  I got tired, furnished it and will think about what to do with it a little while later.)

Serena and Luka

Since Lithia couldn’t’ ring Peyote to invite him round (and he might have refused considering the current dislike) I moved him in anyway and will let them sort out their differences.

I might have to get a blind date for Peyote’s brother, Reefer – he’s not attracted to anyone, it seems.