A weird thing happened last night.  Siobhan Jacquet (ex-wife of Kane Danaher) gave birth to twins – a boy and a girl, named Willy and Marie.  All was fine – they were fed, they slept, their nappies were changed – when suddenly Marie was missing.  I was about to make Siobhan or Gilbert feed Marie but she wasn’t in the cot.   Where had they put her?, I wondered.  Then I noticed her picture wasn’t on the family list!  She’d gone!  Both parents still had the memory of twins arriving but now only Willy was there.  Very very strange.

Incidentally, Seamus grew to a teenager

and his father’s new wife, Larissa (nee Landgraab), gave birth to another son for Kane – Larry.

The baby, Willy, grew to a toddler and when I went back to the neighbourhood view – there was Siobhan holding a baby and Gilbert holding a toddler.  Hmm. 

Gilbert holding Willy

Kane and his brother, Richard, are now elders, as is Siobhan.  Larry is now a toddler as well and looks like Larissa.

Kane holding Larry