Damien didn’t want to be a Tan anymore.  He wanted to marry Serena and take her surname – his kids had her name, after all.  So he had to divorce Marla.

He invited Marla around to the new house, all unaware.  She should have known what was coming.

(Marla’s let herself go, as you can see.  Sorry the pics are dark.)

Damien hadn’t enjoyed telling her to piss off out of his life.

But now, at last, he was free to marry Serena.

It was a private ceremony in the backyard while the girls were at school (and Luka asleep).

Luka asleep

Luka "asleep"

Ebony grew to a teenager and Luka grew to school age.

Crap default clothing

Crap default clothing

Damien is still taking elixir so has not aged.  Alex Lillard and Marla have.  (Mikhail Lillard is now a teen and Elizabeth is school age.)

Handsome young lad, Mikhail

Handsome young lad, Mikhail

But Damien has grown fat.  He’s been studying so hard for promotion that he hasn’t been active.  Now, at last, he’s reached the top of the paranormal career and become a cult leader.  Now we need to get him slimmer and get friendlier with his vampire friend, Contessa Andrea Lawson…