Artois is a bit of a ladies’ man if you hadn’t already sussed that.

Here he is flirting with Reefer’s girlfriend, Calista Fuchs.  I can’t remember if this was before or after Reefer’s marriage proposal (which Calista accepted).

Naturally this was going to cause problems at the wedding…  Reefer invited various members of the Champignon family to the wedding.  Henri’s wife, Erina, was not among them.  She’d died some time ago at the age of 65.

(Note the helicopter pad out the window – Henri’s a business tycoon and as such felt he deserved his own helicopter.)

The wedding started off well enough with aunt Monique looking on.

The rest of the guests had got sidetracked inside…

Eventually they made their way out.

Perhaps Artois should have stayed at home (or inside).  He didn’t like seeing his latest conquest getting married.

Reefer and Angel look at Artois, wondering why he’s upset.

Artois’ even jealous that Peyote seems to lust after his new sister-in-law.

Finally he could stand it no longer.

Poor Reefer was a bit upset at what this meant.

After the wedding no-one could out out of the house fast enough – there was a bottleneck at the door and the bride and groom missed the limo to the honeymoon.  The limo is forever stuck outside the house, it seems.

But things settled down and Angel gave birth to twins – two girls (sigh).  Their names are Cochonette and Framboise.

Artois looked elsewhere for lovers, figuring it was safer that way…

One of his conquests was Crystal Collins.  Crystal was the widow of mayor Hogan Collins (son of Zaitrarrio and Darlene).  But Zen still lived with her and they decided to get married.  Crystal reached the top of her second career – business.  She was mayor before Hogan and was now a business tycoon.  None of this mattered to Artois.

Zen, meanwhile, was promoted and headed off to the private gym.

He’s so high up the ladder he can walk on water?  No, he’s just MVP at the moment.

Crystal got pregnant and she too had twin daughters – Onyx and Sera. 

Artois had to look elsewhere, again…