Meanwhile, back at Emma Champignon’s place, things were ticking along.  The twins got on well.

Antoine grew to a teenager before Antoinette (because of the adoption thing).

Emma still only had about 8 or 9 lovers, but you can guess who was one of them.  Emma, at least, was single and unattached (or multi-attached, depending on how you look at it).

The fact they were second cousins didn’t bother either of them.  Artois had, after all, been to bed with his own mother and fathered his own brother (yeah the less said about that the better – Roxie has changed her ways and is out of the loop.)

So anyway, back at Peyote’s.  Peyote and Lithia settled their differences, finally, and were able to set a date for the wedding.

It was evening (when Lithia wasn’t working).

Many of the same family members showed up.

Guillaume showed up to this son’s wedding (he doesn’t like Reefer for some reason).  Lithia’s parents, Damien and Serena were also there as well as Lithia’s sister, Ebony (who spent the whole time on the bubble machine).

They went inside for cake.

Those that could, sat down, all very civilised.

Mother and daughter sat opposite each other, as did the brothers.  They all looked like clones…

Seeing double

Seeing double

Damien topped it all off at the head of the table.

So the wedding went very well – mainly because Artois wasn’t there (Serena was also one of his conquests).

But Artois still had his chance.  He’d met Lithia while visiting Serena one day and they became friends.  Friendly enough to go on a date after Lithia’s wedding.

Unfortunately it was witnessed by Peyote’s mother, Victoria.

Artois’ father, Henri, happened to pass by as well, but he just cocked his hands at them, pistol-fashion, and went inside.

They decided to head on elsewhere and ended up at the love maze.  The photo booth was the main attraction…