Both Damien and Serena were friendly with Contessa Andrea Lawson (or some such name) but Damien was a lot friendlier – too friendly.  But no matter how close he got, she wouldn’t bite him.  I even tried inviting her round and locking her in the house but to no avail.  Finally I had Damien ask her to move in.  The minute she did that (and brought a nice 30,000 with her) I made her bite Damien.

Now Damien was finally a vampire and not just the son of one.

The contessa moved out (but now she’s in the bin – I’ll have to put her on an empty site somewhere).

Damien wasted no time in turning Serena into a vampire.

Now they could live long and see their grandchildren and great grandchildren… 

Not long to wait – Lithia is pregnant – but whose kid is it?