It was Damien’s legitimate daughter’s turn to marry.  She was marrying uni beau, Vasyl Ebadi.  It was another evening wedding so Damien could attend. 

It was the first time I hadn’t checked what their formal dress was before the wedding and it was a mistake.  Vasyl was dressed in some outlandish gear with a stupid hat on.  So no pics of the stupid-looking groom.

The bride in a default gown.

Vampire father of the bride with fellow guest.

Sister of the bride, Romania, talks about the possibility of her becoming an auntie.

Parents of the bride with Jean and Caitlyn Langerak (ex dorm-mates of the bride and groom).  The atmosphere was a little tense.  Jean thought it best to stick to safe topics of conversation.

It appears that Demonica wants to be a vampire now too.