Emma became pregnant.

Emma’s half-sister, Antoinette, looks on.  No prizes for guessing who the father is.

A son for Artois – Yves.

Lithia had her baby.

Her name is Arianne.  Now a toddler, she looks a little like her father…

Yep – Artois.

Artois’ twin daughters, meanwhile, grew to school age.  I think I forgot to take pics.

Reefer’s wife, Calista, is pregnant and, surprise surprise it’s not Artois’.

Emma’s twin siblings went off to university just as Yves became a toddler.

Antoinette holds her nephew

Unfortunately he’s inherited the pixie features of Emma’s mother.

Not to worry, Artois had another son who is also his brother (shudder).  Artois’ son by Roxie (his own mother) was taken away from her because, as we know, she’s a useless mother (she’s had five taken away).  Roxie married a weirdo while she was still pregnant and they named the baby boy something weird.  But Emma stepped in and adopted him.

He’s pale from having frozen outside in the snow where Roxie had left him to starve.

So Emma got rid of two and has another two.  She’s a bit upset because she hasn’t managed to increase the number of lovers she has recently.  Why did Emma adopt Artois’ son?  Well, Artois and Henri have the surname Heineken instead of Champignon because back when Jean-Philippe got married I didn’t realise the surname was determined by who clicked on ‘get married’.  Unfortunate error but it meant that the males forever had the wrong surname.  Emma figured that if Artois had a son by a Champignon woman the surname would go back to what it should be – et voila!  (Lithia happened to have a girl instead.)

(Incidentally, Emma’s pixie brother, Philippe, is still a prep cook and his daughter, Sativa, is now school age).

Hollandia (Artois’ sister) dropped out of college and moved into an apartment in the same block as Artois.  That way she could get to know her nieces.  At uni she’d met a student called Aiden Reiner and once settled into the apartment she invited him over and he moved in.

Finally, Jean and Caitlyn’s daughter Colette, grew to a toddler.  She’s quite unusual-looking.

Jean with daughter Colette